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Y+ systems provide a 15 inch wide SLIM profile system for narrow buses, including Sprinters.


  • Glare reduction on the windshield due to better positioning of the light source.
  • Dust free light channel due to fewer lens seams and separation from air flow.
  • Maintenance free and easy access to all mechanical elements behind panels.
  • Guaranteed LED color consistency – single binning no bin tracking for T.A.
  • Full dimming capabilities – manual or automatic system that adjust the brightness linked to the ambient light level. Fade on/off capability.
  • Perfect panel linearity plus robust and durable material takes out OEM bus tolerance.
  • Perfect air distribution throughout bus by utilizing/tuning the air slots with plug.
  • Sealed panel seams: 1.5” wide foam gaskets along each backbone bracket truly stops unwanted leaks.
  • Rattle free system utilizes foam gaskets along with felt tape.
  • Hidden handrail integration for a fastener-free, clean interior.
  • Hidden fasteners provide a very clean aesthetic look like never before.
  • Easy handrail position adjustment using mounting blocks slide along ceiling track.
  • Easily customizable with luggage rack option, speakers, reading lamps, additional air rotaries modules, advertisement cards.
  • Optimized light distribution provides equivalent light readings throughout the bus.
  • Full-service access along the bus.
  • Exceeds all APTA requirements.

Superior Interior Systems are a collection of customizable, flexible luggage racks that deliver a premium motorcoach passenger experience to the transit and shuttle market. Superior Interior Systems provides interior systems that are modular starting with a seamless, rattle-free parcel rack with hand-rails.

Configure your own system based on the Y+ platform. Add amenities now or in the future. Every model in the Superior Interior Systems collection is fully upgradeable with reading lights, night lights, and other options.


  • Modularity with a wide range of options
  • Seamless luggage rack
  • Rattle free system
  • Built to UIC 566 requirements
  • Perfect linearity with aluminum profiles and nylon fiberglass brackets
  • Handrails for passenger safety
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable material
  • Easy installation or replacement
  • Can be installed as aftermarket solution
  • Upgradable amenity cavities